March 25, 2023

How many countries are there in the world where not a single Indian lives? Keep it in writing, 99 percent people will not know!

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No Indians: Indian people are settled in almost every corner of the world. Whether it is a foreign tour of PM Modi or a cricket match… we get to see the people of India in every major event. A large number of people from India live in the continents of America, Europe, Australia and Asia. You will see people of every class from students to job profession here. But do you ever think that there is a country where the people of India do not live. The question is simple, but the answer is not easy.

By the way, you must also be thinking that there is no such country in the world where the people of India do not live. But we are going to tell you that which is the corner of the world where our brothers and sisters do not live. Today there are total 195 countries in the world. A total of 193 of these countries are members of the United Nations. While 2 countries are non-member observer countries. Out of these, three countries are such where the people of India do not live. Common people have given very interesting answers about this on Quora. Let us tell you that Quora is a question-answer website, on which people can ask questions, answer them and also make changes in them.

Vatican City
A user named Satyam Chaurasia wrote, ‘The world’s smallest country, Vatican City is spread over 0.44 sq km (about .2 sq mi) and is completely surrounded by the city of Rome. Vatican City serves as the spiritual center for millions of Roman Catholics around the world. No wonder, being the smallest country in population, there is no Indian living there. The population of this country is less than one thousand.

san marino
It is officially known as the Republic of San Marino. There is such a well-organized country, which is surrounded by Italy, the population here is about 335620, there is no Indian in it. You will see only Indian tourists here.

Tuvalu is a country formerly known as the Ellice Islands. Tuvalu is located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia. There are about 10,000 residents, 8 km of roads, and only 1 hospital on the main island. This country was once a British territory, but became independent in 1978. In 2010, Tuvalu received less than 2,000 guests, of which 65% were for business. This beautiful island is also untouched by the Indian people.

two more countries
How can any list be complete without the name of our neighbor Pakistan. According to official statistics, there is no Indian in Pakistan. It does not include prisoners and diplomats. Apart from this, it is claimed that no Indian lives in Bulgaria, located in the southeastern part of the Balkans.

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