March 27, 2023

Hippopotamus swallows 2-year-old child alive, spits out stones and runs back into lake

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Kampala: In a shocking incident in the African country of Uganda, a hippopotamus attacked a 2-year-old child. According to CNN’s report, the Ugandan police said in a statement that the incident took place on December 4, around 3 pm. Ega Paul was playing near the lake in Rewenjubu Cell, located in the Katwe-Kabatoro district in the south-west of the country. Then the hippo came out of the water and attacked him and started swallowing the child. A man named Crispas Bagonja, who was present on the spot, started pelting stones at the hippo, then he got scared and spit the child out of his mouth.

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Fearing the injury of the stone, the hippo went back to the lake. According to the Ugandan police, this is the first such incident in which a hippo swallowed a child. However, due to the courage of Crispas Bagonja, the child’s life was saved. According to the police, the child had suffered injuries from the teeth of a hippo. He was taken to a nearby clinic for treatment and later transferred to Bawera Hospital in western Uganda. The child has now been discharged from the hospital after making a full recovery. Ega Paul was also given a rabies vaccine before being handed back to his parents.

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In its report, CNN quoted the Ugandan police as saying, ‘All residents living near the lake should know that wild animals are very dangerous. They need to be careful. Wild animals see humans as a threat. Any action of humans can cause them to behave strangely or aggressively. According to National Geographic, the hippopotamus is known as one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. The jaw of a hippopotamus is so strong that it can break a canoe (small boat) in two by pressing it in the mouth.

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