March 27, 2023

Hidden camera was installed in the hotel bedroom, the couple who went for a holiday lost their senses; watch video

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Hidden Camera In Hotel: There was a stir when a camera was found in a hotel bedroom in Brazil. A couple had come here for a holiday. The surprising thing is that the couple came to know about this hidden camera after a week. After this, both of them informed the police about this. At present the investigation of the matter is going on. Not only this, the couple has also posted a video on Instagram regarding this hidden camera.

According to the New York Post, Ana Lucia and Julia Stopa had booked the hotel online. Both of them had come to live in Rio de Janeiro from their home in Brazil. This hotel was from AirBnB. After a week of living, Julia said that he and his wife noticed a strange ventilation in the bedroom. In an Instagram video, the tattoo artist showed how he found the cameras on top of a wardrobe.

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