March 21, 2023

Helicopters are flying at a height of just 5 meters to dodge the enemy, watch the shocking video

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Viral Video: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. It has gained a lot in recent times. Russian President Putin had threatened a nuclear attack in gestures last month. In such a situation, Ukraine is also very careful on the front. So these days many surprising pictures are coming out from the battlefield. The video of the helicopter flying at a height of just 5 meters is going viral these days.

This video going viral has been shared by the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. In this video, a helicopter is seen flying at a height of just five meters. While sharing the video, it is written on Twitter, – This video is for those people who could not see the previous video of our helicopter. The flight altitude of 5 meters makes it impossible to shoot down our “Dragonflies” for anti-aircraft defense of the enemy.’

Let us tell you that these days due to war, helicopters are seen flying at low altitude. Actually this is done to avoid enemy radar. Recently, a video that gave goosebumps went viral. In this video a helicopter was flying at a very low altitude on the highway. There was going to be a collision with the car at any moment, but due to the wisdom of the pilot, a major accident was averted.

Meanwhile, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Russia’s military conducted annual nuclear drills on Wednesday. Simultaneously, Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated Ukraine’s claim of plans to use radioactive “dirty bombs”. At the same time, the Russian army on Wednesday attacked more than 40 villages of Ukraine. Putin oversaw the exercises of his strategic nuclear force. These exercises include testing of ballistic and cruise missiles.

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