March 23, 2023

Hair flakes came out on the lower back, surgery had to be done due to this dangerous disease

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Viral News: A 17-year-old girl had to undergo spinal surgery in China. In fact, thick hair had grown in the lower part of his back. According to a report by news site, the Beijing girl said that since childhood she had hair in her lower back which grew as she got older. She said that due to this she could not wear many types of clothes.

When Wu was young, she thought she had a “strange disease”. Her mother said that her daughter’s hair growth was an extremely painful and scary one for her. Because she always feared that she might suffer from more severe symptoms in the future. Her fear was realized four months ago when Wu said she felt pain and discomfort in her legs.

what did the doctors say
At the hospital, Wu was diagnosed with a series of congenital developmental malformations in his spine. Wang Xuewei, a neurosurgery specialist at Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, said, “Excessive hair growth is the only visible symptom of this pathology which can actually lead to many dangerous diseases.” Doctors performed surgery using a microscope to carefully remove some of the small bones from Wu’s spine.

successful surgery
The doctor said, ‘The surgery was successful, and I am very happy, he is recovering. I am sure his condition will get better and better. Wu’s rare medical condition has been one of the most searched news stories on the mainland Chinese Internet, with 8 million views on Douyin and nearly 6 million views on Weibo.

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