March 28, 2023

Grandparents left the property of billions, the girl became sad, wants the government to take all the property, know the whole matter

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By the way, most people rejoice on getting the property left by their ancestors. But a German girl living in Austria is sad about the billions left behind by her grandparents. Actually, she wants that tax should be imposed on her. According to the New York Post, the German girl has expressed her “displeasure” at the legacy of the Arabs to come. She wants that high tax should be imposed by the government on all this.

Austria’s Marlene Engelhorn made shocking remarks last month after the death of her grandmother, who left behind a large sum of money from the family-owned long-established chemical firm business. According to Engelhorn, inheritance money should be taxed and not simply left to the benefit of an individual. According to the New York Post, Engelhorn is the co-founder of ‘Tax Me Now’, an association of affluent individuals that seeks to redistribute wealth in Germany and Austria through higher taxes on the wealthy.

Engelhorn favors higher taxes on inherited property because, in her view, the wealth was not acquired by the heir. It should be distributed equally. According to the New York Post, Austria, where Engelhorn lives, abolished its inheritance tax in 2008.

The New York Post has cited a Forbes report that his family’s multi-billion dollar business comes from the chemical company BASF, which was founded in 1865. The family’s net worth is estimated to be US$4.2 billion. The New York Post further cited a Times report, according to which Engelhorn was raised in a Vienna mansion and attended French schools.

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