March 25, 2023

Germany hamburg alsterdorf shooting 6 people killed in a shooting attack several more injured

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People alerted to ‘high risk’ in the area using disaster alert app
Appeal to people to stay inside their homes
Roads around the church were closed for security

Hamburg. A case of shooting has come to light at the Jehovah’s Witness center in Hamburg City, North Germany, after around 9 pm on Thursday. In this incident, 6 people have died and more than two dozen people have been injured. The condition of many of them is said to be serious. A tweet has also been made by the police regarding the incident, in which the motive behind the firing of the criminals could not be ascertained. The police has started investigating the whole matter.

Hamburg police say that at present no concrete information has been received about the motive of the crime. Police said on a Twitter post- ‘As of now, there is no reliable information about the motive of the crime. Police has appealed not to share unsafe assumptions and avoid spreading rumours.

According to the local media, the vehicle of the Special Police Unit was passing when the incident took place. During that time the sound of gunfire was heard. Thereafter, officers of the USE taskforce, who were on their way to the residence at the Police Headquarters in Alsterdorf, stopped to investigate the attack and entered the building from where people were evacuated.

After this incident, the police have also alerted people to the ‘extreme danger’ in the area using the disaster alert app. Police says that people should stay inside their homes. At the same time, the roads around the church have been closed in terms of security. A full alert has been issued in the city.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Hamburg, Peter Chantscher, while reacting to the attack, has described it as ‘shocking’. He has also expressed deep condolences to the families of the victims.

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