March 25, 2023

Germany duesseldorf hiv patient also battling cancer cured of both after stem cell transplant

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This 53-year-old man is from Düsseldorf, Germany
In 2008 he found out he was HIV positive
In 2013, he had a stem cell-assisted bone marrow transplant.

Paris: Scientists engaged in finding a cure for HIV are now seeming to be successful in their efforts. But having cancer along with HIV is full of risk, because both the diseases are fatal. On Monday, a German patient was found who had both HIV and cancer for years, but he has now completely recovered. In a study on Monday, it was told that a patient suffering from HIV and cancer has been cured by the new technique.

According to the report of the news agency AFP, this 53-year-old man is from Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2008, he came to know that he is HIV positive. Then only after 3 years he got blood cancer, which was identified as acute myeloid leukemia. In 2013, he had a bone marrow transplant with the help of stem cells. This was possible because of a female donor. The woman’s CCR5 mutation gene prevented the disease from spreading through the body. This is a rare gene, which prevents HIV from spreading in cells. This person’s antiretroviral therapy for HIV was stopped in 2018. Tested continuously for 4 years, but showed no signs of HIV returning.

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The name of the patient has not been made public yet, but he is very happy after recovering. He first thanked his female donor and told the team of doctors around the world that I am proud of all of you, who were successful in curing my cancer and HIV. The recoveries of two more people with HIV and cancer were announced at separate scientific conferences last year, although research on those cases has yet to be published.

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