March 23, 2023

Friendship is like this! The sick friend did not respond to the message for 4 hours, then sent a drone and found out

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Viral News: Someone might have said the truth – friendship is an example where there are no boundaries; This is a city with no buildings; Here all the roads lead to each other. Yes, people are ready to do anything for their friend. People are always concerned about their friend. The most recent example of this was seen in China. A woman’s friend was ill and when he did not respond to her messages for four hours, they sent a drone camera to know her condition. You will get emotional after listening to this story of two friends.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star, the woman’s friend had some heart problems. He told that he sent a message to his friend on October 22 at around 7 am through the Chinese social app WeChat. His friend replied to the message and asked Wan to get some medical tests done. But after the test, Wan did not tell his friend anything again.

was messaging again and again
Wan accidentally forgot to reply and later saw several messages from his friend. He had not responded to the message for four hours. The message read, “What has happened to you?”, “What are you doing?” and “I called you a couple of times. Why didn’t you answer my phone?”

Husband asked to send drone
She panicked when she did not get any response to the message, seeing no other option, the friend asked her husband to send his drone towards the building where Van lived. Instead of wandering around, the friend thought it was the best way to inquire about his friend.

Seeing the drone, the woman came to the window
He said, ‘Both our families do not live too far from each other. So the drone took only a few minutes to reach my window. Recently she was on bed rest due to heart ailment and was not looking at her phone. When she saw the drone, she went to her window in surprise.

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