March 21, 2023

Free Education: Education is free in these 10 countries, you don’t have to pay a single rupee

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Top 10 Countries Offer Free Education, Free Education for International Students : After studying till 10th and 12th, a lot of money is needed for higher education. This includes college fees and living expenses away from home. In such a situation, it is difficult for both the students and the family members. But there are many countries in the world where children are either given free education or a very small fee is charged. In many places, not even a single rupee is taken from the students in the name of fees, that is, free education is given. Let us know about some such countries where students get complete education without spending any money.

1. Germany

Germany is a country where education is given for free, here not only local children but also foreign children are given free education. In Germany, students are taught for free in government universities. Also, the universities do not charge a single rupee in the name of tuition fees. However, in some universities, students may have to pay an administration fee of up to Rs 11,000. There are about 300 public universities in Germany which offer more than 1000 study programs.

2. Norway

Norway is also named among the countries that provide free education. In this country too, there is a provision to provide free education to local children as well as foreign children. According to many reports, for studying at any level like graduation, post graduation, doctorate from Norway, not even a single rupee has to be paid. However, to study in Norway, students must know the language here. External students studying in Norway’s public universities have to pay 30 to 60 euros per semester. This fee is taken for the students union. In lieu of this fee, facilities for health, counselling, sports activities and camps are available.


Education is also free in Sweden, but this facility is only for European Union / European Economic Area and permanent resident students of Sweden. However, the tuition fees for students from other countries are much lower. Also, Sweden is very famous all over the world for its good education style. Every year lakhs of students go to Sweden to pursue their studies. Tuition and application fees are charged in Sweden for non-EU citizens. At the same time, PhD studies in Sweden are absolutely free for students of any country.

4. Austria

Austria is another European country where students can study for free. Citizens living in Austria do not have to pay a single rupee to study. Students can get free education for any course or degree here. After the completion of the degree, students wishing to study further have to pay a fee of 300 Euro per semester. In the year 2019, Vienna, the capital of Austria, secured the 13th position among the best cities for students to study.

5. Finland

Free education in Finland, famous for its beauty, works to add to its beauty. Finland, like the rest of the Nordic countries, offers free education to students. In Finland, students do not have to pay any fees in Bachelors or Masters. Along with this, the candidates pursuing PhD are also given free education. They are also given salary by the government. The arrangement is also that if students from outside Europe also do any course in Swedish or Finnish language, then they do not have to pay any kind of fees.

6. France

Even though France is not so well known for the studies conducted in other European countries, but France also provides free education to its students in its university. Students do not have to pay any fees to study in government universities of France. Higher education in France is almost free while some universities require students to pay tuition fees. Also, to study Bachelors in French universities, students have to pay a fee of $ 3000 annually. Foreign students studying in France are also given Long Term Foreign Card which makes it easier for them to stay in France.

7. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is also a country where education is largely free. The main condition for free education in the Czech Republic is that the Czech language has to be studied. Foreign students studying Czech language, even students from countries outside the European Union, get free education. About 45,000 international students study in the Czech Republic. Out of which about 38000 study for free.

8. Greece

In the European country Greece, like other European countries, education is provided at very low fees. Also, foreign students are also given education in Greece at very affordable fees. Greece is the country with the lowest fees among all European countries. Education is also available for foreign students in Greece at low fees. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree for free from the Greek University of Greece.

9. Italy

Even in the European country Italy, students can get free or very low fees education. The names of Italy’s state universities are also included in the list of universities of some selected economical countries. Students in Italy are easily given loans, grants, scholarships and fee waivers. Also, Italy’s capital Rome is also considered one of the best cities for students to live in.

10. Spain

Spain is also one of the countries that provide free education, where students are given free education. Spain provides free education to its students here. The Spanish government covers 80 percent of students’ tuition fees, making it more affordable to attend college. Also, foreign students can study in Spanish universities by paying an annual fee of $1000.

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