March 21, 2023

France will not use nuclear weapons against Russia: President Macron announces

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Putin said all options were open against Ukraine
Macron says France will not use nuclear weapons against Russia
The war between Ukraine and Russia has intensified since mid-September.

Paris. French President Emmanuel Macron made it clear in an interview on Thursday that France will not use nuclear weapons against Russia if Russian President Vladimir Putin conducts a nuclear attack on Ukraine. Macron’s statement in an interview with France 2 comes at a time when Putin has talked about the option of nuclear attack in the Ukraine war. America and European countries have been mild since Putin’s threat. In such a situation, Macron’s statement is going to give some relief. Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again stepped up his war against Ukraine, threatening partial mobilization and the use of “many Russian weapons” in response to alleged Western nuclear blackmail.

Nuclear attack: what did Putin say?
Putin was speaking to the Russian people on television on September 22 at 9 a.m. (Moscow time), insisting that the partial mobilization of its two million-strong military forces was to protect Russia and its territories. He said the West did not want peace in Ukraine, adding that Washington, London and Brussels were prompting Kyiv to “move military operations into our territory” with the aim of “plundering our country”. Putin simply said, ‘When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will use all the means available to us to protect Russia and our people – this is not a hoax.’

Ukraine war escalates after 20 September
At the same time, the Ukraine war has accelerated after the announcement of a referendum on 20 September in those areas of Ukraine which are currently occupied by Russia. It seems the Russian president’s latest bet to find a way out of the rapidly growing dire situation in Ukraine. Russia’s plan to annex territory east of Ukraine through a ‘referendum’ follows an established practice, but it also creates a new round of escalation in the war that has not been going on in the past seven months, according to Putin. Is.

In March 2014, Putin annexed Crimea on the basis of a hasty referendum after Russia’s annexation of the peninsula. And in February 2022 – days before sending Russian forces into Ukraine – they recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, with Russia and its local allies deploying ‘peacekeeping forces’ in these areas behind the scenes since 2014 . Just two days later, Putin used these areas as launchpads for his illegal war against Ukraine.

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