March 27, 2023

France: Fire in 7-storey building, painful death of 10 people including 5 children, many injured

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A fire broke out in a 7-storey residential building near the city of Lyon, France
Painful death of 5 children from 3 to 15 years, Home Minister asked for investigation

paris: Due to a fire in a building in a city in France, 10 people including 5 children died tragically. 10 people, including 5 children, died in a fire in a residential building in Vaulux-en-Velin near the French city of Lyon in the early hours of Friday. These children were in the age group of 3 years to 15 years. Officials engaged in rescue work told local media that four other people were also seriously injured as the fire spread to the seven-storey building. The fire is now out, but viral footage on social media shows huge, black clouds of smoke rising above the building.

The French Interior Minister told that 180 firefighters were engaged to extinguish the fire in the building. He said that the fire has been brought under control. The French Home Minister has called for an inquiry into the incident. According to a local French newspaper, Mohammed, a man living in the neighborhood of the building, said, “I was woken up by the screams of people. We wanted to help people, but the smoke was too much.”

fire started at 3 am
It was told that this fire started at 3 am this morning. After which the voices of people’s screams were heard there. Rida, who lives near the building, told a local newspaper, “I haven’t sent my child to school. He is in shock since the incident. I was very sad to hear such screams, painful voices. At present, the government has said about the investigation of the whole incident.

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