March 21, 2023

Found 2700 years old stone which was destroyed by ISIS with bombs

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Baghdad. Archaeologists in northern Iraq have made an exciting discovery. They have unearthed beautiful stone carvings about 2,700 years old. These stones have been found in Mosul. These stones were found when teams from the US and Iraq were working to rebuild the ancient Mashki Gate. It was destroyed in 2016 by Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

Iraq has many ancient cities in the world. Including Babylon. But in the last few years many archaeological sites were blown up by the militants. The team of archaeologists has found eight marble stones with finely chiseled battle scenes, grape vines and palm trees. The Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage said they date from the time of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, who ruled the ancient city of Nineveh from 705 to 681 BC.

symbol of power
Mashki Gate was the largest in Nineveh, and was a symbol of the size and power of the city. The gate was rebuilt in the 1970s, but was destroyed in 2016 by IS militants with a bulldozer. Experts from the University of Mosul in Iraq and the University of Pennsylvania in the US are working to restore the Mashki Gate site.

ruins were destroyed
More than 10,000 archaeological sites have been found in Iraq. Neighboring Syria is also home to treasured ruins, including the ancient city of Palmyra, where the Grand Temple of Bel was destroyed by IS in 2015. American soldiers and their allies destroyed the ruins of Babylon. This happened when it was used as an army camp after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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