March 28, 2023

For the first time in the world: successful intestinal transplant of a 1-year-old Spanish girl

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Emma is now completely healthy at the age of 17 months.
Emma got other organs along with the intestine
This is the first case in the world in which successful intestinal transplant has been done.

New Delhi. A 1-year-old Spanish girl has become the world’s first baby recipient to have a successful intestinal transplant. This girl was transplanted the intestine of a patient, who died of a heart attack. The Spanish girl has now been discharged from the hospital after the transplant and is safe with her family. La Paz Hospital in Madrid, Spain has given this information in its statement.

According to data from the Spanish Health Ministry, Spain is the global leader in organ donation countries around the world. Here out of 10 lakh people, 102 people donate organs every year. The name of the girl who got the intestine transplanted is Emma, ​​whose intestines failed at the age of 1 month, and her intestine was also small at birth. Later the condition of the girl deteriorated but later she got a new life after finding a donor.

Doctors said that Emma has been transplanted along with the intestine, a new liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas have also been transplanted. Thanking the doctors and the donor family, Emma’s mother said, ‘The good thing is that life goes on. Emma is a very brave girl and every day she is proving that she has a strong will to live. Emma is healthy and now she is 17 months old.

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