March 28, 2023

For 18 years, the airport was made its home, now it has died

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An Iranian man who has been living at Paris airport for 18 years has died. In a diplomatic row, Mehran Karimi Nasseri made a small area of ​​the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport his home in 1988. In the year 2004, a film named The Terminal was made based on his life. Tom Hanks was the actor in it.

An airport official told Samar agency AFP that Nassery was eventually granted the right to stay in France, but returned to the airport a few weeks ago, where he died.

Born in 1945 in Iran’s Khuzestan province, Nasseri first went to Europe in search of his mother. He spent a few years in Belgium, being expelled from countries including the UK, the Netherlands and Germany for not having the correct immigration documents. He then went to France, where he made the airport’s 2F terminal his home.

His story attracted international media attention, and Steven Spielberg directed The Terminal starring Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. After the film’s release, journalists flocked to talk to the man who inspired a Hollywood film. At one point, Nasseri, who called himself “Sir Alfred”, gave six interviews a day, Le Parisien reports.

Despite being granted refugee status in 1999 and the right to remain in France, he remained at the airport until 2006, when he was taken to a hospital for treatment for an illness. An airport official said Nasseri returned to the airport a few weeks ago, where he remained until he died. The official said that several thousand euros have been recovered from them.

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