March 23, 2023

Flood wreaks havoc in Venezuela, more than 1200 people trapped, people searching for bodies of relatives in the mud

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Incessant rain floods in Venezuela
Around 1200 people affected due to flood
people looking for relatives

Venezuela: Two months of heavy rains in the South American country of Venezuela caused havoc. Due to the rain, small rivers came in spate. Due to which a very painful scene was seen in the severe flood. The flood here affected more than 1200 people. Isolated hill settlements. The roads got damaged due to heavy rains. More than 90 people died and hundreds went missing in the floods caused by heavy rains. Due to the rains, many families got separated in this devastation, many innocent people died.

Due to the floods in Venezuela, many houses were washed away in the flood. Various family members of the missing people are searching for them. People are searching for the dead bodies of their missing relatives. The scene of flood sites is very painful. Many missing people are being found dead. People are covered in mud, still they are continuously searching for the missing relatives. The rain is still not taking the name of stopping. It rains continuously for 4 to 5 hours. All the rivers are in spate. There is a pile of mud. There is a pile of mud up to about 12 meters above.

1200 people affected
Whoever sees the scene of Venezuela, his eyes are getting moist. Here the dead are being thrown into the river. The Mayor of Caracciolo Municipality said that around 900 to 1200 people have been affected here. No one is able to reach the higher areas. People cannot even walk because the river is flowing towards the mountains. A mother and son died in the Andean region of Venezuela. Heavy rains also caused flooding and landslides in the municipality of Caracciolo in the state of Merida, about 670 km west of Caracas. Here too many families have been affected. Many people have died.

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