March 27, 2023

Finally got 7 feet tall king cobra, there was a stir in the zoo for the last one week

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King Cobra: The King Cobra, which disappeared from a zoo in Sweden, has finally been found. This snake was being searched for the last 7 days. The staff here was afraid that they might attack any other animal. In such a situation, many parts of the zoo were closed for the general public for the last one week.

This poisonous snake was being searched with the help of X-ray machine. Finally the staff here got success on Sunday. This snake was trapped between two walls near its cage. Holes were drilled in the walls where the snake was hiding. But in the early hours of Sunday, the cobra disappeared from the sight of X-ray cameras. After this, it itself again came in the cage.

came out from the roof
Please tell that the official name of this cobra is Sir Vas (Sir His). On October 22, Skansen exited the open-air museum and aquarium in Stockholm’s park with a heat lamp mounted on the ceiling of his glass enclosure. In a video, this snake was shown coming out of the roof.

it would have been difficult for the snake to survive
Zoo officials had said that if this cobra had left the building, it would not have survived the cold climate. The snake’s official name is Sir Vas (Sir His), but it was renamed Houdini after its escape. The king cobra can grow up to 5.5 m (18 ft) long and is mainly found in India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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