March 25, 2023

Fierce war between Russia-Ukraine, 63 Russian soldiers killed in Himars attack

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63 Russian soldiers died in the attack of the army of Ukraine
Ukraine claims rockets were tainted by Himars, huge loss
4 people died in the attack of Russian army

Moscow. 63 Russian soldiers were killed in the Ukrainian attack in Russian-occupied Donetsk. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement on Monday saying that a major attack was launched from Ukraine through the ‘Himars’ launch system. America has handed over this Himars technology to Ukraine. News agency ANI quoted ‘Taas’ as saying that 6 rockets were fired from Ukraine. The HIMARS have been temporarily deployed due to which the Ukrainian army was able to hit key targets.

It was told by the Russian army that two rockets were destroyed, but 4 missiles containing high-explosives caused heavy damage. The Russian army said that 15 Ukrainian drones (UAVs) have also been shot down. They were targeted in different areas. The Russian military said on Sunday (January 1) that at least 25 rockets were fired from Ukraine’s military in the Donetsk region of Ukraine on the first evening of the new year, while Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles and drones last week. . About four people were killed and many were injured in the Russian attack.

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