March 27, 2023

Fierce bus accident in Colombia, 20 passengers killed, 15 injured, this was the reason for the accident!

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This road accident happened due to some technical glitch in the bus.
The reasons behind the road accident are being investigated.
The possibility of a technical glitch in the brake system of the bus is being investigated.

Bogota. At least 20 people were killed and 15 others injured when a bus overturned on a Pan-American Highway in southwestern Colombia on Saturday. This horrific road accident took place between the southwestern cities of Pasto and Popay├ín in Colombia. Media reports said the bus that had crashed was on its way from the port city of Tumaco in Colombia’s southwest corner to Cali in the northeast. There is a distance of about 320 kilometers (200 mi) between these two places.

According to the news of the news agency ANI, Captain Albertland Agudello of the Nario Department of Traffic Police said that unfortunately 20 of our people have died in this road accident. Agudello said that the accident is believed to have been caused by a technical glitch in the bus. Still, the reasons behind this road accident are being investigated.

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While the director of traffic and transportation in that area, Colonel Oscar Lamprea, said in a message to reporters that investigators were looking into the possibility of a technical glitch in the bus’s brake system. Initial reports after the bus accident said that the driver lost control of the bus at a turn in a foggy area. It took police and firefighters 9 hours to straighten this bus, evacuate the injured and send them to the hospital and rescue the dead.

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