March 28, 2023

Fearing whom, Putin is going to hide with his family in the bunker? Russia’s safest cave is built on these hills

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President Vladimir Putin ready to hide in bunker till new year amid health concerns
Putin and his close family will go into isolation in a bunker located in the Ural Mountains
President Putin reportedly canceled his annual set-piece press conference this month

Moscow, Amidst reports of a major flu outbreak in Russia, the Russian President has also made up his mind to stay in his bunker to go into isolation. According to the report of The Mirror, amidst the news of influencing many officials of the Kremlin, now the talk of Putin going to his bunker has started gaining momentum. Severe outbreaks of the flu have been reported across the country, which have reportedly infected even officials close to Putin. The report said that the flu in Putin’s presidential team was revealed amid speculation that he is ready to hide in a bunker until the new year amid health concerns.

The Russian President and his immediate family will go into isolation in a bunker located somewhere in the Ural Mountains. Let us tell you that apart from the increasing infection of Kovid-19 as soon as winter starts, Russia is currently battling with a major attack of flu and swine flu. Significantly, this happened for the first time in ten years when the Russian President reportedly canceled his annual set-piece press conference this month. However, reports say that Vladimir Putin’s address to parliament this month has not been ruled out, but could be canceled as a result of the Kremlin’s claim that officials close to him were affected by the flu.

Putin usually uses the annual set-piece press conference to polish his image. Where he answers many questions on domestic and foreign policy and gives a glimpse of his openness. At the same time, the Novaya Gazeta Europe news outlet blamed Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov for the disclosure of the infection. Dmitry Peskov confirmed this Monday that Putin would not be holding a press conference this month.

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