March 23, 2023

Famine crisis all over the world, more danger on poor countries – Putin said at CICA summit

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New Delhi. Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address at the start of the Conference on Interaction and Conference Building Measures in Asia (CICA) summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, targeted the US directly and demanded the unfreezing of Afghanistan’s money. Along with this, Putin has also demanded compensation for the damage caused during the American occupation in Kabul. Putin said that the threat of famine is looming around the world, along with the crisis of large-scale social turmoil, especially in poor countries, this challenge is big. The President of Russia demanded that all kinds of artificial barriers should be removed to restore the supply chain in the global order. Putin said that Russia is doing its best to establish an equal and indivisible security system. He said that serious changes are taking place in global politics. The world is becoming multipolar and the role of Asia is going to be very important in this.

Let us tell you that earlier on October 1, in his formal speech at St. George’s Hall near the Kremillon, Putin also told the world about the colonial policy of the West, looting in India and Africa, the slave trade and the use of nuclear and chemical weapons by America. was reminded. During this, Putin called Western countries’ insistence on a rules-based global order “top-class hoax” and denounced their “double standards”. He made this speech several days after an alleged referendum in Ukraine’s rebel four regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Khorason and Zaporizhzhya, which Ukraine and Western countries have rejected,

Putin said, ‘We all hear that the West is pushing for a rules-based order, however, where does it come from? Anyone ever seen these rules? Who has agreed or approved it? Listen, this is complete bullshit, deceit and double standard, even triple standard, they think we are idiots,’

Targeted by mentioning India-Africa
According to the English version of the speech available on the Kremlin’s official website, Putin said that Russia and its civilization have been a great power for a thousand years and will not be changed by temporary, false rules, Putin said, adding that even the Western elites are guilty of their historical crimes against all. changing stances on retaliation and calling on countries and other peoples to admit faults that have nothing to do with them, for example, colonial-era attacks,

He said, ‘It is worthwhile to remind the West that it initiated colonial policy in the medieval period, followed by the slave trade, the genocide of the Native Americans (Red Indians), plundering India and Africa … it is human nature. It is against truth, liberty and justice.

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