March 25, 2023

Evidence of life again found on Mars, scientists’ hopes increased due to new traces of sea

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Discovery of a sea on Mars: Scientists are constantly doing research about Mars. Recently, new evidence of having a sea has been found there. Even before this it was said that there was water there. In such a situation, it is being said that there may have been life there millions of years ago. Scientists have used maps to find traces of a tidal ocean in the north of the planet.

Researchers say the maps point to the strongest evidence yet. According to him, there may have been a hot and humid climate due to the sea. Let us tell you that Mars is also called the red planet. In fact, due to the rusting of the iron mineral of the soil here, the atmosphere and the soil looks red.

There must have been life!
Speaking to the British newspaper The Mirror, author Benjamin Cardenas of Pennsylvania State University in the US said, “The most important points that immediately come to mind are that an ocean of this size could indicate that There must have been life here. Based on these findings, we know that there must have been a period when it was warm enough’.

traced like this
Scientists have long debated whether Mars was once an ocean. Using data showing the characteristics of the area, the team found clear evidence of a 3.5-billion-year-old coastline several thousand feet thick, spanning thousands of square miles.

what evidence has been found
The researchers used software developed by the United States Geological Survey to map data from NASA’s Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter. They explored more than 6,500 km of river ridges and divided them into 20 groups, which suggested that they were probably the remains of a river delta or submarine channel belt, an ancient Martian shoreline. The area that was once the sea is now known as Aeolis Dorsa and contains the densest collection of river ridges on the planet.

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