March 21, 2023

Europe’s Supreme Court gave a big decision on the hijab ban, the European Union broke in two!

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Europe’s top court upheld a company’s hijab ban in its order
EU companies can ban headscarves or hijabs.
According to a Muslim woman, she was refused a hijab by a company.

Brussels, Amidst the ongoing hijab ban controversy in India, a major decision of the Supreme Court of Europe has come regarding hijab. Europe’s top court on Thursday upheld a company’s hijab ban, saying it is a general ban that does not discriminate against employees, according to a report by Reuters news agency. European Union companies can now ban headscarfs or hijabs in the Western World, which has been divided for years over the opinion on the hijab.

The order came on the appeal of a Muslim woman who was denied permission by a Belgian company to wear the hijab. According to the woman, when she applied for a six-week work trainee ship, she was told that she could not wear a headscarf. Against the company’s rule, the woman had approached the European Court of Justice. During the hearing in the court, the company said that it has a neutrality rule, which means that no head covering, be it a cap, bean or dupatta, is allowed on their premises.

The woman first took her complaint to a Belgian court, which later sought advice from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The Luxembourg-based CJEU said there should be no direct discrimination in such a ban. In their order, the judges said that if it is applied to all workers in general and without discrimination, then it cannot be seen through religious prism.

Let us tell you that the CJEU said only last year that EU companies can ban employees from wearing headscarves under certain conditions. France, Europe’s largest Muslim minority, banned the wearing of Islamic headscarfs in government schools in 2004.

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