March 28, 2023

Ethiopia: Lawsuit against Facebook Meta, seeking compensation of Rs 16,000 crore from the company, alleging promoting hate posts

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A lawsuit was filed on the Meta platform on Tuesday regarding the violence spread in Ethiopia. The petitioners in the lawsuit have accused Facebook Meta of promoting violent and hateful posts from Ethiopia. Along with this, it was also said that the country is moving towards civil war due to the promotion of such posts by Facebook, part of the Meta platform. A lawsuit has been filed against Meta Company in the Kenya High Court.

Demand to give 2 billion dollars to the victims
The petitioners in the court have demanded that Meta should increase the number of moderation staff in Nairobi to reduce violent content. Apart from this, the court has been demanded in the petition that Facebook should be ordered to take steps to create a compensation fund of about 2 billion dollars i.e. 16 thousand crore rupees for the victims of violence. Two Ethiopian researchers and the Kenyan rights group Katiba Institute have filed a lawsuit against the Meta company.

Meta’s spokesperson clarified
At the same time, Meta spokesperson Erin Make Pike said that hate speech and incitement to violence is against the rules of Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore he added that we employ staff with local knowledge and expertise and continue to develop our capabilities to capture infringing content in the most widely spoken languages ​​in Ethiopia.

A post of 2021 was mentioned in the case
The lawsuit filed against Facebook Meta mentions a Facebook post published in the month of October 2021, in which ethnic slurs were used to describe the father of the plaintiff, Abraham Meereg. The post shared the address of the elderly person and called for his death.

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