March 23, 2023

Ebola havoc in Uganda! People will be imprisoned in homes, 21 days lockdown in 2 districts

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21-day lockdown in Mubende and Kasanda districts of central Uganda.
So far 19 people have died due to this dangerous virus.
At present, Mubende is its center.

Kampala. These days Ebola is wreaking havoc in Uganda, Africa. To prevent the spread of this deadly virus, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has imposed a 21-day lockdown in Mubende and Kasanda districts of central Uganda. So far, 19 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus. At the same time, the first case of Ebola was registered on 20 September.

According to a CGTN report, President Yoweri had earlier said that there was no need for such measures. But in view of the increasing outbreak, he has taken a U-turn from his statement and announced a 21-day lockdown in two districts. At the same time, the new outbreak of Ebola has killed 19 people out of 58 recorded cases. However, the actual number of deaths and cases could be higher.

The Ebola outbreak began in September in Mubende, which is about 80 km (50 mi) from the capital, Kampala. At present, Mubende remains its center. President Museveni had earlier denied the lockdown, saying that Ebola is not an air-borne virus. Therefore, there is no need for similar measures and prevention like Kovid-19. But on Saturday, they banned all movement in and out of Mubende and Kasanda districts for 21 days.

The Ugandan president said in a televised address that it was a temporary measure to control the spread of Ebola. We all should cooperate with the authorities so that we can win from this outbreak in the shortest possible time. Last week, health ministers and government representatives from nine African countries agreed on joint measures to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

It is known that outbreaks of Ebola keep coming and going in Africa. In the country, it increases suddenly and suddenly stops. Earlier in the year 2018, an outbreak of Ebola had spread in the Equator province of Congo and 54 cases were reported. In this 33 people died.

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