March 27, 2023

Ebola attack in Uganda! Night curfew implemented, announcement of closure of religious places

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Kampala. After the outbreak of the deadly corona virus, Ebola is now spreading its foot in Uganda, Africa. To prevent its spread, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Saturday that he was enforcing an overnight curfew in the affected areas. Places of worship and entertainment will be closed and movement will also be restricted for 21 days in the two Ebola-affected districts.

According to a Reuters report, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said in a televised national address that the spread of Ebola is spreading rapidly in the Mubende and Kasanda districts of central Uganda and In order to prevent the spread of this disease, movement has been restricted in these districts and they have also been declared as the epicenter of the epidemic. Museveni said, “This is a temporary measure to control the spread of Ebola. We all should cooperate with the authorities so that we can end this outbreak in the shortest possible time.”

Museveni said 19 people have died in the East African nation since the outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever was announced on September 20. According to the WHO, the disease was detected in the test of a sample taken from a 24-year-old man, after which Africa has become alert. According to WHO, there is no effective vaccine for this.

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The Ebola outbreak in Africa is many years old. In this country, this disease starts increasing suddenly and stops later. Whenever Ebola cases come to the fore, Africa becomes alert about health, because it is such a dangerous disease that people in the country are often losing their lives due to this disease. Ebola is a deadly viral fever. In which the main symptoms are fever, vomiting, bleeding and diarrhea. Earlier in the year 2018, an outbreak of Ebola had spread in the Equator province of Congo and 54 cases were reported. In this 33 people died. Congo was battling the second largest outbreak of Ebola virus spreading in its eastern region. Two new vaccines were also prepared in Congo, but despite this, 2260 people died of Ebola virus.

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