March 23, 2023

Earthquake: Strong tremors of earthquake in Jakarta, scared people evacuated buildings

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On Monday, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.
The epicenter of the earthquake was 10 km away in Cianjur, West Java. (6.21 miles) in depth.
There is no possibility of tsunami due to this earthquake.

Jakarta. Strong earthquake tremors were felt continuously for several seconds on Monday in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Due to this, scared people evacuated the buildings. The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that a 5.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on Monday. BMKG said that the epicenter of the earthquake was 10 km away in Cianjur, West Java. (6.21 miles) in depth. Due to this there is no possibility of tsunami.

Some people evacuated offices in the business center of Jakarta after the earthquake. While some others felt buildings shaking and saw furniture moving. So far there is no news of any casualty or any major damage in the capital Jakarta. Most of the people thought it okay to get out of the buildings after the earthquake. Mayadita Valuyo, a 22-year-old lawyer, said that as soon as the quake struck, panicked workers ran to get out of their building.

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Mayadita Valuyo said that ‘I was working when the floor below me started shaking. I could clearly feel the vibrations. I tried not to do anything to avoid it but it got worse and went on for some time. He said that I am feeling a little dizzy now and there is some pain in my legs as I have come down from the 14th floor. Significantly, Indonesia experiences frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to being on the ‘Ring of Fire’ of the Pacific Ocean. Earth’s tectonic plates collide in this area only. There was also an earthquake on the island of Crete in Greece on Monday morning. However, there has been no news of any loss of life or property.

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