March 25, 2023

Due to the sudden disappearance of King Cobra, there is a stir in the zoo, the fear of attacking another animal!

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Viral Video: There is a stir in a zoo in Sweden right now. The reason is the disappearance of the world’s most dangerous snake King Cobra from here. The zoo has been closed for the time being and the search for the cobra is going on. The employees here are afraid that these snakes may not attack any other animal. Let us tell you that this very poisonous snake was brought here only a week ago.

According to the American website US Today, this snake was named ‘Sir His’ in the zoo. It was placed at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm last week. Zoo officials said he found an escape route in the roof of the cobra’s enclosure, where a heat lamp used to be. But this light was recently replaced with a cooler LED light bulb.

Did the snake turn out like this?
After a video shared by Sharjah 24 News was filmed showing a snake emerging from a terrace, zoo officials said staff set off fire alarms and evacuated the area.

search continues
According to the staff here, the king cobra is a tropical animal, so the snake will not seek cold outside the zoo, so it will return home in its warm enclosure. At present, the search is going on everywhere. According to the zoo’s website, it is home to about 200 exotic species including fish, crocodiles, turtles, lizards, snakes, rats, golden lions, spiders and parrots. Zoo officials said the staff continued to search for the snake and “hopefully to find the snake soon.”

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