March 23, 2023

Dragon’s senses will fly! Taiwan-Japan will deal with China together, took this big decision

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A meeting between Taiwan and Japan to deal with China.
Both countries decided to strengthen their military ties.
LDP President Hagiuda talks about Taiwan-Japan relations.

Taipei. Taiwan and Japan have stepped up their preparations to deal with China. After a meeting between Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and a representative of the Japanese government, it has been decided that the two countries will strengthen their military ties to deter China. Hagiuda Koichi, chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) Policy Research Council, was in Taipei on Sunday, 10 December, to hold talks on Taiwan-Japan relations. Economic and trade as well as political and cultural topics have been discussed between the two countries.

According to Taiwan News, during the meeting with President Tsai at the President’s Office, Hagiuda said that Japan is Taiwan’s staunch friend and ally. Taiwan is an extremely important partner and a valued friend of Japan, with whom Japan shares core values ​​such as liberal democracy, basic human rights and the rule of law, as well as close economic ties and person-to-person exchanges, he said. Hagiuda said that in this context, our help and cooperation with each other has been built over time.

At the same time, President Tsai Ing-wen has thanked Japan for its continued support of Taiwan. President Tsai said that we have seen in recent years that Taiwan-Japan relations have become closer than before. He said that in the future, Taiwan will continue to strengthen cooperation with Japan in various fields such as security. Also, will work together to ensure the independence, openness and stability of the Indo-Pacific region.

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Hagiuda said Japan needed to increase defense spending to meet the “grim reality” of threats from China and North Korea. He said that although Japan has been following the path of peace since World War II. But merely reciting the word Shanti is definitely not enough.

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