March 21, 2023

‘Domestic violence case will get 10 days leave…’ The government of this country took a big step, know everything

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The Government of Australia has made a big announcement regarding domestic and family violence.
From now on in Australia, 10 days of paid leave will be available on domestic and family violence.

Canberra. After a long struggle, the people of the Australian Council of Trade Unions have got great success. Under this, the Australian Government (Australia Government Paid Leave) has decided to give 10 days leave to people for domestic and family violence. Along with this, the employee will also get the salary for those 10 days. That is, the employees will get 10 days paid leave regarding Domestic Violence Paid Leave. The Prime Minister of Australia gave information about this announcement by tweeting from his official Twitter handle.

Let us tell you that for a long time unions in Australia were demanding paid leave for domestic and family violence. The trade union has called this decision a historic decision. Please tell that the Albanese government made its first change in the workplace laws. ACTU (Australiam Council Of Trade Union) paid tribute to thousands of people who did not get this facility on this occasion. The Sangh also thanked the lakhs of workers who campaigned for change.

10 days paid leave can be used casually
On average, it costs $18,000 to escape a violent relationship in Australia, the ACTU reports. The ACTU wants all workers to understand their rights under the new laws. All employees will now have 10 paid leaves extra, which they can use even casually. Also, taking care of the privacy of the employee, leave for Domestic Violence (FDV) will not be included in the salary slip of any employee.

Prime Minister issued a statement
The Prime Minister of Australia issued his statement saying that this is a day, frankly, that we did not wish we had. But we have and from tomorrow, across Australia, the Family and Domestic Violence Holiday will come into effect. At the same time, he also said that no woman should ever have to choose between her job and her safety. No woman should ever have to choose between her financial security and the physical and emotional well-being of herself or her children.

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