March 28, 2023

Documentary controversy: Russia lashed out at BBC, said – another proof of waging information war

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Russia accuses BBC
Russia said – BBC is starting information war

New Delhi. Russia on Monday strongly criticized the BBC for its two-part documentary on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A huge controversy has been created in the country and abroad regarding this documentary. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said that this documentary is another proof of the information war being waged by the BBC. She said, ‘I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is yet another evidence of the BBC waging an information war on various fronts – not only against Russia but also against other global centers with an independent policy.

The spokesperson said the BBC often ignores the basic requirements of the journalism profession. After a few years, it is learned that the BBC is also fighting within the British establishment. He has become a puppet in the hands of some groups to serve their interests. BBC should also be treated accordingly. In fact, the BBC is not an independent television and radio corporation, but a subsidiary, which often neglects the basic requirements of the journalism profession.

The central government also criticized the documentary
The two-part documentary – ‘India: The Modi Question’ – claims that it examined certain aspects related to the 2002 Gujarat riots, when PM Modi was the chief minister of the state. The central government has criticized the documentary, calling it a ‘propaganda piece’ that lacks objectivity and reflects a ‘colonial mindset’. The BBC defended the series, saying it was “rigorously researched to the highest editorial standards”. On January 21, the government issued instructions to block several YouTube and Twitter posts sharing clips of the documentary, drawing sharp criticism from opposition parties.

British PM Sunak disagrees with the portrayal of Modi in the film
Recently, British PM Rishi Sunak came out in support of PM Modi in the UK Parliament, when he stopped Pakistani-origin MP Imran Hussain for raising the topic of the documentary. Sunak said he “does not agree with the characterization” of PM Modi. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will next week hear petitions challenging the Centre’s decision to block the documentary.

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