March 23, 2023

Do You Know: The army of this country rapes women, children are pushed into prostitution!

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There are many such dangerous countries all over the world, where living means dying everyday in agony. One such country is the Democratic Republic of Congo located in Central Africa. The condition of this country was very scary, however, even today its condition has not improved much. Although the Civil War in Congo had ended here only in July 2003, but violent incidents continue to happen in many areas here. In such a situation, including rape, extortion, human trafficking, prostitution, weapons in the hands of children, rampant corruption, the condition of this country seems to be getting worse.

At present, the population of the Democratic Republic of Congo is around 94 million. In terms of area, this country, which comes second in Africa and 11th in the world, is struggling with many problems and is also trying to overcome them. However, till now the atmosphere here has not been right. The conflict between soldiers and rebels in Congo has been going on for almost two and a half decades. Women have suffered the most in this fight. The struggle was at its peak in 2006-07, that is, 3 years after the declaration of the end of the civil war. During that time Goma, the big city of North Kivu state of Congo was called Rape Capital of World. There was also a reason for this, because during that time 48 women were raped every hour in that city.

Dearbhla Glynn, a resident of Ireland, made a documentary called War Against Women in Congo. In this connection, she went to the war-torn areas of Congo. Going there, Glynn talked to the soldiers, rebels and rape victims there. According to Glynn, the conditions there were appalling. It was a common practice to attack the villages at night and eat and then loot the respect of the women and girls there. Another sensational revelation came to light when he talked to the rape victims about this. Those women told that after suffering the pain of rape, they also have to tolerate the neglect of the family. Even sometimes their own people break all relations with them. It seems as if only those women are guilty of this rape.

does not write report
Rape victims don’t even file a report with the police. To get the report written, they have to travel a long distance to the police station, which takes a whole day and a lot of money. In such a situation, these girls who are suffering from poverty avoid writing the report. At the same time, they are afraid that they will get justice or not, but on the contrary they will be exploited in the police station as well. A rape victim asked Glynn why go to the police, to get raped one more time.

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