March 28, 2023

Curt degerman aka tin can curt from sweden lived in street for 30 year died millionaire real life story

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People also affectionately called Kurt Degerman ‘Tin Can Kurt’
Kurt spent 30 years on the streets, earning money by selling cans and bottles
Kurt earned property worth crores from money management

Kurt Degerman was also affectionately known as ‘Tin Can Kurt’. He was a can collector. According to a Live Mint news, Kurt spent 30 years collecting tin cans and bottles on the streets of Skellefteå, a small town in northern Sweden. He saw many ups and downs in his life. Despite this, Degerman was an expert in financial management and investment. However, Degerman was not happy with just the money he got from his collection.

Degerman had decided that he would increase his money further. For this, he read many books in the local library and took knowledge of money management. Kurt used to spend hours in the library every day, studying many business papers and the stock market. Gradually he became an expert in investment. He also had good knowledge about the stock market.

Can-collecting earnings were put to good use
Using his earnings from can-collecting, Kurt Degermann began investing in mutual funds, and over time he bought 124 gold bars. Apart from this, he continuously kept depositing a part of his income in the savings account. It is said that Kurt did not have a car. He used to commute on his single cycle, which helped him save even more money. Kurt lived in his own house, because of which he did not even have to pay rent.

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in 2008 heart attack Degerman died due to the fall. One of his cousins ​​used to visit him often. After his death, only his cousin got his entire property. It is said that Degerman had earned more than $ 1.4 million in wealth with the right and good investments.

Controversy over Kurt’s property
However, after Kurt’s departure, a new controversy has come to the fore. Under Sweden’s succession law, one of his uncles has claimed his property. At the same time, it is also being told that an agreement has been reached between both the parties regarding this property dispute, which has not been disclosed at the moment.

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