March 23, 2023

colon cancer caused by alcohol WHO alert, told how much to drink is safe, know

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Alcohol consumption is fatal, World Health Organization warns
Drinking alcohol is the cause of cancer, colon cancer happens
Drinking alcohol increases the risk of 7 types of cancer

New Delhi. Consumption of alcohol increases the risk of bowel cancer. This warning has been issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO statement in The Lancet Public Health said that studies have shown that alcohol consumption increases the risk of 7 different types of cancer. WHO said that even small amounts of alcohol can cause cancer. When it comes to alcohol consumption, there is no safe amount that does not affect health. Information is given about the side effects of alcohol consumption. The World Health Organization has published a statement in The Lancet Public Health. It states that whatever may be people’s perception about a glass of wine or a pint of beer. But it has to be understood that whatever be the drink, cancer will start.

The WHO states that drinking alcohol causes at least 7 types of cancer, including the most common cancers, such as bowel cancer and female breast cancer. Consuming more alcohol increases the risk of cancer to a great extent. The latest available data shows that drinking alcohol was the main cause behind all cancers in the European region. Light and moderate consumption has also caused cancer. In this, the amount of alcohol or beer consumed per week was also measured. This included people with weekly consumption ranging from 1.5 liters to 3.5 litres. Here a study has also been done regarding women. It was told that alcohol was considered responsible for breast cancer in most women. Cancer is also one of the main causes of death in the European Union. It also saw a pattern that most of the deaths due to alcohol were caused by cancer.

it doesn’t matter if you drink less
The warning issued by the WHO states that it does not matter whether you drink alcohol sparingly, or occasionally. At the same time, it has been clarified in the statement that there is no current evidence that when the carcinogenic effects of alcohol are ‘on’ and when they appear in the human body. Furthermore, there are no studies that demonstrate that light and moderate drinking has beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. These effects do not reduce the cancer risk associated with the same level of alcohol for individual consumers.

it doesn’t matter how much you drink
Dr Carina Ferreira-Borges, Regional Adviser on Non-Communicable Disease Management and Alcohol and Illicit Drugs at the WHO Regional Office, explained that for Europe we cannot talk about so-called safe levels of alcohol use. It doesn’t matter how much you drink. The risk to the drinker’s health begins with the first drop of any alcoholic beverage. The only thing we can say for sure is that the more you drink, the more harmful it is—or, in other words, the less you drink, the less danger you pose.

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