March 25, 2023

Chinese woman fed human excreta to devotees, telling them the incarnation of Hindu goddess, crores of rupees

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A Chinese woman arrested for pretending to be an incarnation of an Indian goddess
Many serious allegations like forcing devotees to eat human excreta
5 million dollars from a woman to buy cows

Singapore, A Chinese woman living in Singapore has been charged with several serious offenses such as pretending to be an incarnation of an Indian goddess and forcing her devotees to eat human excreta. According to a report by China’s news website South China Morning Post, 52-year-old Wu May Ho has been charged with more than 50 charges, including fraud, causing hurt through harmful substances and causing grievous hurt.

According to media reports, the Chinese woman was taken on remand two years ago, since then she is in police custody. Only last week, the local police increased the total number of charges against the accused from 10 to 50 after several more victims came to the fore. Also, the number of victims against Wu has increased from eight to at least 14.

5 people forced to eat feces
Police said that ‘Woo Me Ho’ had allegedly forced five of his devotees to eat human excreta as a punishment. After this, resentment among the people against Wu increased. Also, the accused had allegedly directed another woman to extract the victim’s teeth and wipe her private part with a mop.

In addition to physical abuse, Wu is accused of defrauding several victims to the tune of millions of dollars. Wu was entrusted with $3,000–100,000 (US$2,100–$69,600) by the victims to buy cows as donations to absolve them of their sins, improve their medical conditions, or save their parents from ill health Was. In 2012, a woman gave Wu $500,000 for this purpose.

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