March 21, 2023

china help russia in war america defense ministry headquarter pentagon

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Washington. The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Defense Ministry, said that there are indications that China is considering helping Russia in a war against Ukraine which could be disastrous. Pentagon press secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder said at a press conference, ‘There are indications that they are considering it. I don’t have any additional information or any intelligence in this regard, except the fact that they haven’t abandoned the idea (of helping Russia). I want to clarify that this would be a wrong decision.

He said that this is something on which the Pentagon is keeping a close watch. Rider said, ‘We should not forget that if they do this, what will be the consequences. This will unnecessarily escalate the conflict, resulting in more innocent lives as Russia continues its campaign against Ukrainian citizens.’ He said that ultimately it is up to China to decide, but the question is whether China as a country wants to put itself in the camp of countries that want to destroy Ukraine as a nation and kill innocent people. want to know.

After the invasion of Ukraine, China is rapidly becoming Russia’s most important trading partner. At the same time, a few days ago, America had said that China is considering giving arms and ammunition to Russia. Although China had denied these allegations. Recently, Ukraine’s President Zelensky had informed about meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

However, he did not tell when and where this meeting would take place. China is currently promoting its capacity to manufacture arms and ammunition and has now become the world’s fourth largest arms exporter. The US has also imposed sanctions on a Chinese company, which the US says is helping Russia’s mercenary army fighting in Ukraine by providing satellite images.

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