March 28, 2023

Cheetahs are going to come again in India! Agreement with this country, dozens of cheetahs will come every year

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Soon India is going to get dozens of leopards from South Africa.
An agreement has also been reached between the two countries to bring the leopard.
Every year 12 African cheetahs will be brought to India.

Cape Town: Cheetah, which is called the fastest animal on earth, is returning to the country after a long time. India is going to get dozens of African cheetahs from South Africa in the coming days. An agreement has also been reached between the two countries. The Environment Department gave this information on Thursday. The department said, ‘This agreement is for eight to ten years. Under this agreement, 12 leopards will be brought to India every year. About 70 years ago, a species of big cat like Cheetah disappeared from India. Last year 8 cheetahs were brought to India from Namibia.

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, the Environment Department of South Africa said in a statement that ’12 cheetahs will be transported from here (South Africa) to India in February 2023′. In September last year, eight radio-collared African cheetahs were released into the Kuno National Park in central India after traveling 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from Namibia. This work was done on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. These cheetahs were brought to Gwalior before Namibia in a very special aircraft of ‘Terra Avia’. From where all of them were taken to Kuno National Park through two helicopters.

One of the 8 female cheetahs brought from Namibia sick for two days, kidney infection; Special team reached Kuno Sanctuary

One female cheetah sick out of 8
One of the 8 female cheetahs brought from Namibia in Kuno National Park is sick. He has kidney infection, dehydration since last 2 days. There is a lack of water in his body. As soon as this information was received, there was a stir among the officials of Kuno Forest Division. The team of Bhopal Van Vihar has reached immediately for the treatment of female cheetah. It is being told that the female cheetah has been kept under the supervision of doctors.

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