March 27, 2023

Canada nas tik tok government data and privacy security from all other workers

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Ottawa. The difficulties of the Chinese app Tiktok are increasing continuously. In this episode, after America, now Canada has banned this short video app citing privacy protection. Issuing the statement, the government said, ‘The Tiktok application will be removed from the mobile devices issued by the government with effect from Tuesday. Also, in future the users of this app will be barred from downloading the application. This decision has been taken due to data concerns.

TikTok, whose parent company is ByteDance Chinese, has faced scrutiny in Western countries in recent months. The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat said in a statement that Canada has also taken steps to prevent federal employees from downloading the application in the future. It has been said in the statement that Tiktok’s data collection methods help in accessing confidential things of the phone. The statement said that after reviewing Tiktok, Canada’s Chief Information Officer agreed that it was dangerous in terms of privacy and security.

However, it is feared that this move of Canada may cause a rift in relations with China. Recently, allegations were made on China that it tried to influence the elections. Let us tell you that everyone along with the US federal government and the European Commission have announced similar Tiktok restrictions on devices that are banned or allowed on official networks.

While reacting to this move of the Canadian government, a Tiktok spokesperson said that we are always available to meet our government officials. So that we can protect the privacy and security of Canadians. Concerns were expressed by the US and relevant authorities that the Chinese government could compel TikTok users to hand over personal information.

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