March 23, 2023

Businessman’s craze, wanted to look 18 at the age of 45, spent crores of rupees

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Most of the people do yoga or live a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and look young. Because many problems start with increasing age. Perhaps this is the reason why many people adopt all kinds of tips to keep themselves young. But the person we are going to tell you about has spent not thousands and lakhs but crores of rupees to keep himself young. The 45 year old millionaire software businessman wants to look like an 18 year old boy and for this he has spent crores of rupees.

According to Bloomberg’s report, a businessman named Brian Johnson has currently kept a medical arrangement worth crores of rupees for himself, which costs about $ 2 million. If we talk about the expenditure in Indian rupees then about 16 crores rupees. Following a daily diet to keep himself young. The businessman claims that with this medical experiment, he will get lungs, heart, brain and skin like an 18-year-old man. Johnson has also shared a video of himself on YouTube.

According to the report, Johnson is a millionaire software businessman, who has more than 30 doctors and health experts who are taking care of him. Under the leadership of Dr. Oliver Jollman, his team is trying to prevent all the organs of the businessman’s body from getting affected with increasing age. Doctor Zolman and businessman Johnson read a lot of science literature to look young and all kinds of experiments are being done on Johnson’s body.

The entire process required an investment of several million dollars to get up and running, including the cost of a medical suite at Johnson’s home in Venice, California. According to the report, Johnson is going to spend about $ 2 million on his body this year to look young.

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