March 25, 2023

Bus fell from bridge into river in Spain, 6 people died, 2 people were saved by rescue operation

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Madrid. Six people were killed and two others were injured after a passenger bus skidded off a bridge and plunged into a river in northwestern Spain. Emergency services gave this information on Sunday. In the horrific accident, the bus driver and the female passenger were safely pulled out of the river and have been admitted to the hospital for first aid.

At the same time, a police spokesman said that the driver was also tested for alcohol and drugs, in which the report came negative. The spokesman said that the search and rescue operation around the bridge has now ended, while the engineers removed the debris from the river Lereze. Tried to remove safely. Due to heavy rains in the Galicia region, due to the strong current of the river, many difficulties were faced in removing the dead bodies from the river.

The bus slipped and fell into the river about 40 meters below. During this, a passer by saw that the barricades of the bridge were broken, so he informed the emergency services and after some time he informed that the bus had fallen under the bridge. After getting information about the accident, emergency services reached the spot and started rescuing people. During this, the people of the fire brigade saved a female passenger and the bus driver.

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