March 21, 2023

Brazil god buried alive for barking at night women sleep disturbed

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Woman buries neighbor’s dog alive in garden for barking too much
82-year-old woman confesses to burying dog Nina
She did this because she couldn’t sleep at night because of his barking.

Brasilia, In Brazil, a woman buried her neighbor’s dog (Dog Buried Alive) alive in the garden after it barked too much. According to a report by UK-Base Express, the incident took place in Planura municipality. In this incident, the 82-year-old woman has confessed to burying the dog Nina. Also, the owner of the dog told the police that when he argued with the woman, she told that she had buried the dog by digging a pit in the garden. She did this because she could not sleep at night due to his barking. Later, after digging the pit, the dog was found alive.

A video posted by some Brazilian outlets shows the dog crawling out of a hole in the ground. The 33-year-old owner of the dog told that when she came to know about the woman’s handiwork, she immediately went to the garden to save her dog. The mistress immediately started digging with a garden hoe and rescued Nina alive.

The Express reported that the dog was buried alive for one and a half hours before being rescued and taken to a veterinarian. However, the neighbor had no remorse for his act. He warned the dog’s owner, ‘Don’t let him come here now.’ When the police interrogated the 82-year-old woman, she said that she would bury it again.

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