March 25, 2023

Bodybuilder with world’s biggest biceps stuck after getting synthetic injection, hospitalized

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Bodybuilder Szymon Komandos Hospitalized: Szymon Komandos, the bodybuilder with the world’s biggest biceps, is in trouble. He had to be admitted to the hospital for surgery. It is being said that his condition worsened due to getting synthetic injections. He himself has shared his photo from the hospital.

MMA fighter Sizmon Komandos is known for injecting his biceps with oil to increase the size of his biceps. Now he has shared horrifying pictures from his hospital bed, in which a long line of stitches is visible on his arm.

injected with synthol
Polish commandos have also been in jail for some time. According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, he took an injection of Synthol. It is a synthetic oil which is used to artificially increase the size of your muscles. Especially many people use it to enlarge biceps. He posted a second picture of himself lying on a hospital bed, which he said was taken after the first round of surgery.

‘I take testosterone
The strongman, who has a Mike Tyson-esque facial tattoo, is believed to have been using synthol oil. The biceps of Sizmon Komandos are around 25 inches. He once told, ‘I take testosterone, dosage is 100mg every other day, Masteron 400mg a week, Oxa 5mg a day, I also take hormones in that.’

hope to return
The MMA star said that despite the setback, he will continue to fight. He said, ‘Don’t even think that I am going soft or losing hope. Also remember that I officially promise that my fight will be

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