March 21, 2023

Bill Gates teamed up with chef Eaton Barnath to make roti! Indian dish tasted with ghee, watch video

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Bill Gates Making Roti: Cooking is an art. Often you must have seen many famous celebrities making amateur food. Similarly, a video of business tycoon Microsoft’s Bill Gates joining celebrity chef Eaton Bernath to make bread has been shared online. In the video, Bernath teaches Gates how to make bread from the beginning. The chef also reveals how he learned the recipe during a recent trip to Bihar in India.

Posting the video, he tweeted, ‘@BillGates and I had a lot of fun making Indian bread together. I just came back from Bihar, India, where I met wheat farmers whose yields have improved with new early sowing techniques and also the women of “Didi Ki Rasoi” canteens. The ladies of “Didi Ki Rasoi” canteen share how they acquired their expertise in roti making.

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