March 27, 2023

Big iron ball found on Japan’s beach army alerted investigation continues

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Iron ball found on Japan’s beach, investigation begins
When the local citizen saw in the morning, he informed the police
All the discussions are happening regarding the mysterious shell

Tokyo. There has been a stir after a large iron ball was found on the sea coast of Hamamatsu city of Japan. The Japanese Army, Police and Coast Guard are all alert about this. The pictures of this giant sphere have also created a stir in the social media. Along with ordinary citizens, Japanese officials have expressed concern in this matter. Videos of officials examining the sphere have been shared on social media, but it is not yet known what is this giant hollow ball of iron and how did it reach Japan?

A report in Asahi News said that a citizen in the southern coastal city of Hamamatsu, about 155 miles from Tokyo, first saw this giant ball and informed the police by phone at 9 am. He told that there is a big round object on the beach. After this news, sensation spread in the Japanese media as well. However, it was rejected after experts used X-ray technology to examine the interior of the object and found that it was hollow.

The sphere is of 1.5 meter diameter, X-ray revealed that…
Local media told that the diameter of this sphere is about 1.5 meters. There was a possibility that it could be a bomb or a mine. However, when it was examined with X-ray, it was found that it is hollow. The police had also called the bomb disposal squad to investigate the shell and some investigators were also seen examining the shell wearing special security dress.

Restrictions on people going to the beach
After the discovery of the huge shell, the local administration immediately banned the movement of common people on the beach. The area was cordoned off by police, security guards and coastal guards. However, this restriction was lifted at 4 pm. According to Vice News, it is a large circle with hooks on it and it can be helpful in keeping any other thing on the surface of the water. However, the Japanese security forces and police have kept the shell in their custody for further investigation and further investigation is underway.

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