March 27, 2023

Best way to cheat in exam! Law student wrote pamphlets on pen itself, photo went viral

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Viral Photo. Every day we keep getting news of cheating in exams. College and school students sometimes reach with notes in their pockets. Apart from this, many people these days keep taking the help of mobile in the exam secretly. However, in recent times, restrictions have also been imposed on these activities to a great extent. Despite this, people do not take the name of improvement. But the copying we are going to talk about in the exam today is not from our country, but from Spain. But the method of cheating is unique, which you will be surprised to see.

A professor in Spain caught a student red-handed copying during an exam. The method of cheating of this student was very unique. This student wrote small notes on the pen. It had not one or two pens, and notes were written on all of them in very fine letters. This incident is from the University of Malaga, Spain. Law professor Yolanda De Lucchi shared this photo on Twitter. He confiscated this objectionable pen later.

The professor is also surprised
Professors are also surprised by this method of cheating. He has said that it was no less than any ‘art’. A Twitter user named Gonzo shared how the man had replaced the graphite lead of a pencil with a needle that helped him write on the surface of the pen, an improvised pencil used for writing notes on a pen. A picture was also shared.

care of everything
During the examination, every thing was taken care of for cheating, so that there is no confusion. So each topic was also written correctly. If you look carefully, the end of the pen is painted black (the ink never reaches the end in the bic pen) so that it looks better against the black.

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