March 27, 2023

Award winning German ballet director Marco Goecke wipes dog faces on journalists critic Wiebke Huester

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Ballet director Goeke was very angry with that journalist for the negative review of his show.
This ballet director brought with him a paper bag full of animal excrement.
He smeared ‘dog excrement’ on the face of a critic.

belgium, An award-winning German ballet director allegedly rubbed ‘dog faeces’ in the face of a prominent critic at the weekend premiere of a new show. According to a report in the news agency AFP, Marco Goecke, who was angry with the review of his show by journalist Wiebke Huester, carried out the incident at the Hanover State Opera during the intermission of a performance on Saturday. The agency further said that the German ballet director had brought with him a paper bag filled with animal faeces, who smeared it on the journalist’s face as soon as he was confronted.

Goeke was very angry with Huyster’s negative review on a show called ‘Vishvas – Prem – Asha’. Goecke reportedly threatened to ban the critic from the Hanover State Opera and blamed him for the loss of subscriptions at the theatre. At the same time, after the attack, Huster reported the incident to the police, who said that they are investigating the alleged attack.

The Hannover State Opera said in a statement that it was “deeply sorry” for Saturday night’s incident. Opera director Laura Berman said she contacted the journalist immediately after the incident and apologized personally. Burman said that the art institute will examine the disciplinary steps that can be taken against GoEK and then take action on this internal personnel matter. The next performance of his new ballet in Hanover is scheduled for February 24, according to the opera house’s website.

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