March 28, 2023

Australia will teach Ukraine the tactics of war, will give professional military training to the army!

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hints at military training to Ukraine’s army
Albanese said that this fight is not only for the sovereignty of Ukraine but for the international rule of law.

canberra, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday backed Ukraine, saying his government was considering military training for the Ukrainian military. Albanese told Australian media that he spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday to discuss Australia’s contribution to Ukraine’s war effort. According to broadcaster Channel 7 News, Albanese said that given the increasing attacks on Russian citizens, the government is certainly considering training Ukrainian military personnel.

Albanese, referring to a visit to Kyiv in July, said he conveyed to Zelensky the condolences of the Australian people for the innocent victims who were killed in the Russian offensive. The Prime Minister further said that this fight is not only for the sovereignty of Ukraine but for the International Rule of Law. He said that all countries should respect the sovereign boundaries which Russia is violating.

The problem with the place of testing
The situation regarding the place to train Ukrainian military personnel is still not clear. Some Australian news channels said Australian trainers would be sent to Ukraine, while other reports said training would not take place inside Ukrainian territory.

Putin orders swift attacks on Ukraine
Putin has called for strict action on Ukraine after the explosion on the historic Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Crimea with Russia. At Russia’s powerful Security Council meeting, President Putin passed a resolution to destroy Ukrainian energy, military and communications facilities with his powerful missiles, discussing the Kerch Strait Bridge blast and the strategy ahead. The Kremlin’s official news briefing said that Russia would soon give a befitting reply to Ukraine for these attacks. Russia has also blamed Ukraine for missile and artillery attacks on Europe’s largest Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

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