March 21, 2023

Amid speculations of war with NATO, this country of Europe instigated Russia, passing a resolution from the Parliament and calling it terrorist

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The lower chamber of the Czech parliament adopted an anti-Russian document
The resolution describes the current Russian regime as a terrorist one.

Moscow, The European country Czech Republic has passed a bill in its lower parliament, declaring the Russian government a terrorist. News agency Tass quoted a Czech news website as saying that the lower house of the Czech parliament has adopted a document, in which they have classified the current Russian government as a “terrorist regime”. The passed document states that in relation to a resolution of the Council of the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe, which describes the current Russian regime as a terrorist.

Russia’s occupied areas were told illegal
Lawmakers condemned Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory and refused to recognize the results of a referendum held by four former regions of Ukraine earlier this year. This step taken by the Czech Republic has once again pointed towards the deteriorating relations with Russia with the European countries.

Tension increased after missile attack on Poland
After the death of two people due to Russian missile falling in Poland, the tension of Western countries with Russia has increased. After this incident, US President Joe Biden has held an emergency meeting with the G-7 countries. Due to this conversation about the next step of Poland and NATO, Biden arrived late in a program of the ongoing G-20 Summit in Indonesia.

Maybe Russia didn’t fire the missile?
The US President told in the meeting of NATO countries that it may happen that this missile may not have been fired from Russia. However, Poland said that the missile was launched from Russia itself, due to which two people died. The Polish Foreign Ministry said the rocket landed in Przewodów, a village about 6 km (4 mi) from the border with Ukraine. Polish officials said the missile was Russian-made.

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