March 25, 2023

America warned china spy balloon should never happen again us secretary of state antony blinken

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America has warned China about spy balloons.
America has told China that such an incident should never happen again.
China has also criticized this comment of America.

Munich. The relationship between America and China is in a tense state regarding the Chinese Spy Balloon. Tu-tu me-me continues between the two countries regarding this. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Saturday amid rising tensions. During this, he warned China not to repeat its ‘irresponsible act’ of sending spy balloons into American airspace.

News agency ANI quoted The Washington Post as saying that State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the secretary has told China in a clear tone that America will not tolerate playing with its sovereignty and security. America has clearly told China that this irresponsible act should never happen again. Saturday’s meeting between top US and Chinese diplomats took place on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.

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Blinken said about this on Twitter, ‘Just met Wang Yi, China’s top diplomat. I condemned the intrusion of the Chinese spy balloon and insisted that it should never happen again. I have also warned China against providing material aid to Russia. Along with this, I also emphasized the importance of keeping the way open for dialogue.

China gave this reaction
At the same time, China has also reacted to this comment of America. China’s top diplomat Wang Yi on Saturday criticized the US Secretary of State’s remarks regarding the balloon. He said, ‘This approach of America does not prove that it is a powerful country. Rather such a statement is just the opposite. At the same time, Wang stressed the responsibility of America to ‘correct the mistakes’ to fix the relations between Beijing and Washington.

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