March 27, 2023

Amazing restaurant! Here the customers themselves catch the fish, then the order is ready

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Viral Video: Have you ever cooked your own food in a cafe or restaurant? This sounds a bit strange to hear. But now it has started happening. Actually these days a video of Japan is going viral on the internet, where the customers themselves catch the fish and then your order is prepared. There is a pond in the restaurant’s campus itself.

Restaurants in Osaka, Japan offer the chance to go fishing from the shore or hop in a boat and cherish that experience. Once the customer has caught the fish, the restaurant announces a celebration of the achievement. Then a picture of you with the fish is also clicked. And then the fish will be sent to the chef, who will cook it to your liking.

video that went viral
This clip has been shared by Instagram user Tina & Fam. It has been viewed more than 19 lakh times and it has also got 1.2 lakh likes. It is captioned, ‘Who do you want to go fishing with in Japan?

will get discount
According to the restaurant’s website, “If you catch the fish yourself, it’ll be cheaper!” You can eat your own caught fish at a discounted price. We hope you will use this system to catch fish and enjoy eating fresh, delicious fish!” “The cost of the red-snapper fish is 4,180 JPY, but if caught by the customer, it will cost ₹ 1,810.

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